Two Story Steel Structure Warehouse Design

two story steel structure warehouse design Product Description Advantages 1. We have a group of professional engineers, most of whom has more than 10 years’ experiences in architecture field. 2. Established for more than ten years, our company has got a various of experiences in design,...

Product Details

Two Story Steel Structure Warehouse product Description

Product categoryDouble-deck steel structure warehouse
ManufacturerQingdao Senwang
Land of productionQingdao, China
MaterialLow alloy high strength structural steel
Steel typeQ235B,Q345B
Steel per square meter25-50kg
Steel plate thicknessTailored to your needs
SpecificationsCustomize according to your drawings.
MaterialCarbon structural steel
Seismic gradeGrade 8
Wind resistance gradeGrade 12
Service lifeMore than 50 years
Connection modeWelding, bolted, or riveted joint
BoltFoundation bolt, High strengthen bolt, Normal bolts.
Surface protectionHot galvanizing or painting
Paint optionAlkyd paint, two main paints (grey paint, red paint, White paint, epoxy zinc, etc. Or galvanizing
Warehouse colorGrey or according to your needs.
Valuation modeUs $/ m2

Double-deck steel structure warehouse product show

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Advantages of Steel structure Warehouse

1. The steel structure warehouse is lighter in quality, larger in strength and larger in span than the concrete building.

2. The construction time of the steel structure warehouse is short, and the components needed for the steel structure warehouse are all completed in the factory batch production.

3. The fire and corrosion resistance of steel structure warehouse is much better than that of concrete building

4. Because the steel warehouse is assembled, all can be quickly dismantled and moved, after the move can be quickly assembled and formed

5. After reaching the service life of steel structure warehouse, most of the components can be recycled and reused

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