Low Cost Steel Structure Warehouse Fabrication

The steel structure warehouse has been widely used in the world. Compared with the traditional coagulant soil building, the steel structure warehouse can protect the environment and save energy, which is the inevitable result of the development of contemporary society.

Product Details

Low cost steel structure warehouse information

Product nameLow cost steel structure warehouse
Product typeSteel structure
Certification standardAISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
Steel columnH-section steel
Steel beamH-section steel
Withstanding wind columnH-section steel
Connecting beamCircular tube
Roof Purline

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

 Wall purline

cold formed galvanized C Section Steel

or Z Section Steel

 End Wall purline C Section Steel or Z Section Steel
Outer door

1. Double open overheated track sliding door 

2. Electric Roller door opens galvanized Steel

Inner door50mm thick EPS sandwich plate with aluminum alloy door frame
WindowPVC windows or aluminum window frames with glass.
Galvanized channel2mm thick galvanized steel channel
Downward nozzle110PVC fittings with nozzles
Horizontal supportCircular24 tube
 Knee-Bracing L Steel
 Column Bracing24 Circular Tube


1.The construction time of the steel structure warehouse is short, most of the components needed for the steel structure warehouse are prefabricated in the factory, and only simple assembly is needed in the site, so the construction period will be greatly reduced.

2. The material of steel is uniform and reliable: the internal structure of steel is homogeneous and isotropic. The practical performance of steel structure is in good agreement with the calculated results. Therefore, the reliability of the structure is high.

3.Steel structure is heat-resistant, when the surface temperature of steel is less than 1500 degrees Celsius, the strength of steel varies very little, so the steel structure is suitable for high temperature workshop.


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