Low Price Structural Steel Warehouse Building

The steel structure warehouse is a new kind of warehouse structure. The steel used in the steel structure warehouse is the high quality steel produced by the large steel factory. The ambush type automatic welding is used in the welding of the steel. The size of the welding foot is uniform and the tough track is smooth and beautiful. The steel structure warehouse is optimized by CAD software before installation, and then processed with high precision mechanical equipment, which can be assembled on the spot until the installation site is completed.

Product Details

Low Price Structural Steel Warehouse Building

Warehouses are used as storage-type buildings. There are requirements for space separation and building construction materials. The use of steel structures to build steel structure warehouses is due to the small area of the steel structure pillars and the small amount of space occupied. Due to the space occupied by the pillars of traditional reinforced concrete structures, there is a certain degree of obstruction in the spatial separation of rooms. 

The steel structure not only has light weight, high strength, good plasticity, and toughness, so that the steel components can be obtained through different processing and production of different styling components, and the quality and shape of the structure meet the requirements of customers. Shorter construction weeks before the steel structure, the investment costs can be reduced accordingly, steel components can be processed at the factory, and the on-site construction and production steps can be reduced. The steel components processed at the factory have high strength and meet the standards for building construction.

Steel structure materials are environmentally friendly, installation is simple and convenient, construction structures that do not need to be used can also be rebuilt by way of demolition, and construction and demolition have little impact on the surrounding environment and will not have much impact on the surrounding environment. Materials can be recycled for recycling, reducing material waste and saving resources. Steel components have their own advantages. They can also be used in different industries.

Product Description

Product name

Low price steel structure warehouse

Product category

Steel structure

Place of origin


Steel type


Steel per square meter




Steel plate thickness

Tailored to your needs


Customize according to your drawings.


Carbon structural steel

Seismic grade

Grade 8

Wind resistance grade

Grade 12

Service life

More than 50 years

Outer door

1. Double open overheated track sliding door 

2. Electric Roller door opens galvanized Steel

Inner door

50mm thick EPS sandwich plate with aluminum alloy door frame


PVC windows or aluminum window frames with glass.

Galvanized channel

2mm thick galvanized steel channel

Downward nozzle

110PVC fittings with nozzles

Horizontal support

Circular24 tube


 L Steel

 Column Bracing

24 Circular Tube

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