Cheap Prefab Workshop Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop China

cheap Prefab Workshop Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop China Product Description workshop storage show Company Information we are big group factory and have more than 25 years experience of steel structure workshope project The first design&Engineering Service,Excellent product and...

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cheap Prefab Workshop Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop China

rder Process

Before Order
1The buyer should Provide the detail drawing and information;
2The Seller provide the detail quotation and drawing with buyer;
3Both side negotiate terms of payment (usually is 40% deposit, and 60% before shipping);
4The seller make a contract (PI) to buyer;
5The seller and the buyer have no objection to the contract
6The buyer arrage to make a payment(deposit) to seller's designated bank account;
7The seller received the payment from buyer;

After received deposit and before shipping
1The seller arrage to begin produce;
2The seller make a design report to buyer;
3The seller will make a report to buyer of the production step(take photo or other buyer need);
4The seller will make a detail construction / shop drawings with buyer during production;
5When Finished about 70%, seller will according to the project, and make sure the container and shipping charge with buyer;
6The project is finished production;
7The seller will inform buyer to make a balance(60%) payment, at the meantime, will take photo will total project finished, or buyer arrage someone to check in our factory;
8The seller received the balance from buyer;

Shipping and after shipping
1The seller arrage to loading and shipping;
2If need, we can provide the enginer and worker to guide the install, but the buyer should pay the salary, provide the Food, accommodation for seller's engineer;
3The order is over, and expecting next order.



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