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high grade greenhouse steel structure workshop supplier Product Description Advantages 1. We have a group of professional engineers, most of whom has more than 10 years’ experiences in architecture field. 2. Established for more than ten years, our company has got a various of experiences in...

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Product Description

Main steel Frame
steel materialtonQ345B,Q235B
weldingtonautomatic arc welding
derustingtonblasting derusting
paintingtontwice base two face
Second steel structure
roof purlintonC140*50*20*2.3, galvanized, Q235
wall purlintonC140*50*20*2.3, galvanized, Q235
cross supportton20,steel Q235, process and painted
column supportton20,steel Q235, process and painted
angle bracetonL50x4 steel Q235, galvanization
tie barton120*120*2.5, steel Q235, process and painted
Roof and wall
roof panelm250mm-120mmEPS, PU, Fiberglass sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel
wall panelm250mm-120mmEPS, PU, Fiberglass sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel
partition wall panelm250mm-120mmEPS, PU, Fiberglass sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel

1. Overview of Sunboard greenhouse

Sun board greenhouse is mostly Wenluo type (or circular arch shape), more adopt one-span multi-roof, modern appearance, stable structure, beautiful and generous form, visual fluency, excellent thermal insulation, moderate transmittance, rainy trough, large span, large displacement, Strong wind resistance, suitable for wind and rainfall areas. Sunlight plate greenhouse, with good transmittance, low thermal conductivity, because of the light weight of the solar plate, long life, large tensile strength, through a simple steel structure can meet the requirements of wind and snow resistance, and long life, beautiful and generous, Reducing duplication of construction and investment is currently the first choice to replace the original plastic film greenhouse and glass greenhouse

2. Main body structure

 The main body of greenhouse is mainly column, purlin, side horizontal, arch frame, pull string truss, rain 

trough (gutter), connectors, special aluminum profiles, seals, fasteners, etc. All materials are made of high quality carbon steel conforming to Q235 national standard. Steel parts and fasteners are in accordance with "GB / T1912-2002 metal coating, hot galvanized steel products technical requirements and test methods". Good anticorrosion, service life of more than 20 years. In order to satisfy the organized drainage in the gutter, single end drainage was adopted, and the slope of the gutter was 3 ‰. PVC plastic pipe for drop pipe, 110mm diameter

Range of use

The greenhouse is mainly used for ecological restaurant, exhibition and sightseeing, scientific research 

experiment, demonstration and popularization, efficient planting (melon, fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants, Chinese medicinal materials, etc.), agricultural products exhibition and marketing, efficient breeding (aquaculture, livestock, poultry, insects, etc.), and comprehensive industrial circulation

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