Steel Construction Workshop

low price steel construction workshop supplier Product Description Product Description Advantages Advantages 1) Stable and Earthquake Resistance; 2) Wind resistance; 3) Long using time up to 50 years; 4) Sound insulation; 5) Environment friendly: Most of the excess material can be 100% recycled

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Steel Construction Workshop

The structural stress of the steel structure workshop needs to be economically reasonable, and the transmission force is directly clear. The layout of the grid should be adapted to its span. When the span of the beam is large, the spacing should also be increased. Make full use of the allowable span of the planking and rationally arrange the grid to achieve better economic results.

Steel structure features:

1. It has the advantages of high space utilization, strong bearing capacity, stable structure, flexible access mode and beautiful appearance;

2. The component engineering is made and the reliability of the work is high;

3. Anti-vibration and shock resistance of raw materials;

4. The structure has light weight, small footprint, and large area of actual use;

5. The steel structure can be assembled accurately and quickly, effectively shortening the construction period.

Product Description


Item name


Main steel


steel beam column


Secondary steel


Tie Bar




C and Z purlin




Maintenance system


Roof Sheet

Corrugated color steel sheet, EPS sandwich panel, rockwool sandwich

panel, PU sandwich panel


Wall Sheet

Corrugated color steel sheet, EPS sandwich panel, rockwool sandwich

panel, PU sandwich panel




Aluminiumn Alloy, PVC, Sandwich Panel



Roll up door, Sandwhich panel sliding door, human door

Advantages of steel structure workshop

1. The material has high strength and light weight:The strength of steel is high, and the elastic modulus is also high. Compared with concrete and wood, the ratio of density to yield strength is relatively low, so the steel structure has small section, light weight, easy to transport and install, and is suitable for long span, high height and load-bearing structure under the same stress condition.

2. Steel has good ductility, good plasticity, uniform material and high structural reliability:It is suitable for bearing impact and dynamic load, and has good seismic performance. The internal structure of steel is uniform and nearly isotropic homogeneous. The summation theory of actual working performance of steel structure. So the reliability of steel structure is high.

3. High degree of mechanization of steel structure manufacturing and installation:Steel structural components are easy to be manufactured and assembled in factories and construction sites. The steel structure components manufactured mechanically in the factory have high precision, high production efficiency, fast assembling speed and short construction period. Steel structure is one of the most industrialized structures.

4. Good sealing performance of steel structure:As the welding structure can be completely sealed, can be made into airtight, watertight high pressure vessels, large oil pools, pressure pipes and so on.

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