Steel Fabrication Workshop Layout

Steel Fabrication Workshop Layout low price Prefab Workshop steel structure workshop Advantages 1. We have a group of professional engineers, most of whom has more than 25 years’ experience

Product Details

Steel Fabrication Workshop Layout


1. Fast installation, durable and beautiful. The light-weight color net activity room adopts a light-weight steel structure frame and the plug-in board installation, which greatly improves the stability and anti-external force of the house, and the installation speed is greatly improved.

2. Compared with other material movable rooms, although the unit price is not dominant, considering the safety, comfort, aesthetics and service life, the cost performance is much higher than that of other materials.

3. Multi-storey building structure can be designed according to user needs. It saves the non-worker footprint.

4. Easy to use and disassemble. Wall and roofing materials are color steel plate coated polystyrene foam (fireproof rockwool can be used according to user needs) sandwich composite board. The door is a color steel sandwich panel door, and the window is a color coated steel window. The steel frame is treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Installation requires only a simple tool to operate. The housing can be arbitrarily added (or reduced) to a set (or groups) of expansion units, and the steel structure can enlarge or reduce the area of the building. The doors, windows and front and rear wall panels in the house can be interchanged freely.

Product Description


steel structure buildings

Wide  span

single  span  or  multiple  sp prefabricated steel building ans, normally the  max  span  clear  distance  is  36m,  without  middle  column

Roof and Wall

Steel sheet,EPS, fiber glass, rock wool or PU sandwich panel

Door and Window

PVC ordorolled door

Column and Beam

hot rolled or welded H section, I section, painting or galvanized


C-section, Z-section

Local Climate

1. Wind speed
2. Snow load  
3. Rain quantity
4. Earthquake grade if have
More details is preferred.

Crane Parameter

If need crane beam, crane tons parameter and lift height are needed


1. according to clients' drawing

2. design as per client'S dimension and requests


Naked loaded in shipping container or as per request.


20 GP,   40HP, 40 GP,   40 OT

Detailed Images

Steel structure workshop.jpg

Steel structure workshop.jpg

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